Pause For God

Stop struggling.

You need saving, your life drifting everywhere and nowhere in an ocean you have no control over.

Cease flapping, grasping at straws and anorexic memories of good times long faded from recent memory.

Pause for God.

Your arms are weak and your soul is tired. Lungs heaving, head fewer times above water than it is pounded beneath by waves.

You are in too deep, feet cannot find the bottom. Call it what it is, drowning, and stop struggling.

Pause for God.

Sun in day sky, or is it the night sky? Hallucinations over illumination, you do not know where anymore, natural compass overpowered by misdirection.

He is the wayfarer, the map and the sign in your heart clearer than the North Star.

Pause for God.

Sand dunes and no reprieve, the last oasis was a lifetime ago. Your head is heavy, neck bent to near-snapping under the weight of thoughts too big for it.

You cannot irrigate the desert, but He can bring your ship to you right where you stand.

Pause for God.

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