Remember to Believe in the Person That Wears Your Shoes

I don’t think we can “believe in ourselves”, in spite of all the pop psychology and motivational literature imploring us to do so. We all know that person too well.

How can I unconditionally believe in such a flawed individual? I know all my foibles, failures, and limitations. They are etched in my skin, my bones, and my mind. I even know about the selfish and foolish crap I got away with that no one else knows. Only I know what scares me most and what makes me quit trying. How can I possibly believe in myself? I’m a mess!

But I can’t believe in the “packaged Me” either. I know that that is just a cleverly edited version of the real Me that I know too well. It’s the corporate version that nicely matches my resume. Sure, there are some pretty clothes covering the collective physical and emotional damage of years of life and loss. I can see right through that, even if others can’t. How can I believe in that sham version?

What I think I can believe in is the Me which I might become. In the right frame of mind, I can imagine my limitless true self that sees, learns, loves, and seeks to understand. That’s when I can believe in the Me that could be—indeed, the Me who will be. The Me that wears these shoes, but is so much more than the Me wearing them today. I believe in the Me of light, hope, willpower, and compassion that will replace this flawed version.

I am so looking forward to meeting Me.

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