The 2 Minutes It Takes to Read This Will Help You Overcome Any Obstacle

Todd Brison
Personal Growth
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2 min readOct 19, 2017


You were lied to, of course, when you started your journey.

You were made to believe it would be easy.

It is not easy.

It is not easy to start a business or write a book. It is not easy to grow a following or implement working solution. It is not easy to find an asset worth $1 and apply your unique idea to make it worth $5. It is not even easy to become very good at one activity.

Here’s the thing, though: the deception of ease brings you to the table. You need to believe your desires are immediately within reach, else you would never begin. Wrapped in a warm blanket of naivety you can move forward, a drop of water into an ocean of indifference.

The difficulty you are facing now removes the others — posers and panders, sloths and slackers, hucksters and hacks. It is easier for them. They will desert the call as soon as challenge rears its ugly head.

You will not.


The reason is simple:






You were meant to chase the invisible because, yes, you really can see what other people don’t.

You were meant to shed the illusion of safety and comfort because, yes, your interests really are worth spending time on.

You were meant to grow due to the difficulty (not in spite of it) because, yes, failure makes you strong. Your pain makes for a better story but only if you finish it.

You were meant to march on in the face of evil because, yes, there are too many unhappy, angry, dispassionate, apathetic people in the world. They don’t need another member.

You were meant to live a life you design.

You were meant for more.

Go get it.

Thank you so much for reading. You are amazing.

-Todd B