The Freezer

The freezer. It’s a stretch of time. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a point on a path.

Most are familiar with it; many are moving out of it, and a few have long since left.

You’re in the freezer when you:

  • Are reacting, rather than creating.
  • Don’t believe you can make money doing work you love.
  • Don’t move.
  • Do work that bores you.
  • Consume more than you produce.
  • Don’t have enough money to relax into your best work.
  • Work hard at the unimportant things.
  • Are not seeing traction yet.
  • Are not on the minds of many people.
  • Make excuses.
  • Compare yourself to others.
  • Are escaping; avoiding what’s important.
  • Are starting from scratch.

You move out of the freezer when you:

  • Move your body and breathe.
  • Do whatever it takes to exceed your financial baseline.
  • Work without expectation; without ego.
  • Go narrow and focus on mastery.
  • Create so much they can’t ignore you.
  • Make consistency your new mantra.
  • Tell others about your work even if you fear rejection.
  • Build a trusting network, one person at a time.
  • Use what you learn to improve yourself and your work.
  • Re-frame limiting beliefs by breaking them down.
  • Stop doing things that sabotage progress, movement and being bold.
  • Make a commitment to doing what makes you come alive.

You are out of the freezer when you:

  • Are doing enlivening work most days.
  • Are committed to staying out of the freezer, maintaining your momentum.
  • Have enough cash flow not to be afflicted by a lack of money.
  • Have the enthusiasm to tell people about your work.
  • Have options and can say ‘no’ to proposed projects.
  • Create remarkable work almost effortlessly.
  • Are on the minds of many.
  • Have traction with an audience.
  • Have momentum to continue to grow your brand.
  • Are high on raw, creative energy.
  • Pay others to do the work you’re not suited to.
  • Are making connections that others don’t see.

Making a success of your creative work requires an understanding of the freezer.

We must push against the current that will hold us there.

The freezer, for a time, is inevitable when you are starting a new phase. There will be a period of no traction — of little interest from others. And that’s ok if you keep moving.

But it can return, many times, when you rest on your laurels; when you soften; when you allow yourself to cool.

Get warm and stay warm.

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Originally published at on March 6, 2017.