The Mind Ruins It

It’s necessary sometimes, to get your mind, your conscious mind, out of the way.

Overthinking is a hindering activity, not just on the mental level, but also physically. You will start to walk weird if you start actively thinking about your walk, and when you play a piece of music that you have practiced many times over, once your conscious mind begins to interfere with what you are playing, you’ll start doing mistakes.

It seems the channels of the conscious and the unconscious minds intersect, and you can only follow one at a time, so when your body’s receiving instructions from your unconscious mind, and you actively use your conscious mind, the flow is interrupted, and errors happen.

So, I need to practice doing that, separating both minds, and relaxing…

The problem is, the conscious mind is the critic, so it just scans for mistakes, and when you think about mistakes, you do them, it’s like when you’re crossing the street and there’s a car coming at you, and you just stop and stare at it instead of running for your life, it’s some type of analysis paralysis.

We are not any good at performing and criticizing ourselves simultaneously, that’s why you need confidence, which can then be defined as the ability to control the separation between self criticism and performance.

It’s also about faith, giving yourself some trust, letting go of the safety rope and trusting that you’ll make it, it can apply to riding a bike or giving a speech, or taking an exam, We need to be comfortable while believing we can do it.

So, this is something that i should work on myself, thought i should share it, maybe could help someone one-day.