The Paradox of Spirituality — What It Means to Live

“Go to your cell it will teach you everything.” — Desert Fathers — 2nd Century Christian Mystics

A main spiritual paradox of life lies in the idea that you can do nothing to create wholeness. All you can do is learn to sit without haste in the life you have, waiting for God to grant you the grace to know who you are.

That is spirituality, to me. It is not a set of laws or rituals one must follow in order to gain admittance to a life after this one, but rather it is a flow of life, here and now.

It is an opening to who you are in acceptance of the divine.

In Western culture, we are taught from a young age that the only correct stance is ambition.

If you don’t have a good answer for “what do you want to do” or “what is your 5-year plan,” you are immediately tagged as someone who lacks ambition and will lose out in life.

However, the wisdom found in most spiritual traditions is the complete opposite. To understand your true self and make an immense impact on the world, you are taught to sit in silence and wait.

You are urged to go within, not without, to find fulfillment.

I know this idea may give the Type-A personalities a bit of anxiety, but it is the only truth that I know.

The Jesus stories teach that if you stop seeking you will find that which you seek.

If you can learn just to be, you will become.

In order to do this, you must die to yourself (ego) every day by humbling acknowledging that you did nothing to get where you are today. You had nothing to do with your birth or your success or your failure.

Do you need to take responsibility for where you are? Sure. But you must also realize that this too is a lie.

That the only truth is that everything is divine. Everything is spiritual. All you need to do is fall into the river of peace.

So, today, go to your cell (bedroom, back deck, car, etc.) and just sit there.

Do nothing. Don’t think about what this will do for you. Don’t try to posture yourself to the divine. That would be silly, as you possess the divine within.

Just sit. Be. Accept. Surrender. Learn to hear that inner pulse that is within you and the entire universe. It will teach you all you need to know.

Soon, you will be filled with an overwhelming sense to act for the betterment of the universe, but not until you have learned to wait and contemplate.

This is the paradox. To act you must do nothing.

Let’s Fall Inward, Shall We

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