The symptoms of greatness

by Robin Sharma

Image: Unsplash

— An acute and irreversible lust for learning

— ridiculously beautiful goals + dreams

— a fire in the belly to become relentless amid naysayers

— the ability to spot the finest in people and to fan their flames of excellence

— an uncommon adherence to politeness, punctuality and graciousness

— a heroic devotion to standing in full expression of creativity + originality

— no need to be like everyone else

— a breathtaking desire to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of their craft

— a capability to leverage pain into strength and heartbreak into joy

— massive amounts of energy born of heightened inspiration

— a refusal to cling to the status quo

— a visceral desire to become a light to many

— a devotion to being a game-changer, world-builder + a citizen of mastery

Exuding these symptoms — starting today — is my sincere hope for you.

Be true. Be you. Be great.

Thank you for following me + helping me spread my message. The world needs us to shine as never before. TOGETHER we make a difference to those who need us.

Your fan always,