To the men who broke my heart

A poem by Jessica Semaan

Photo Credit Brittany McLaren

Thank you for the tears that turned into ink

Ink that turned into prose

Thank you for unleashing a river of pain
Pain that turned into unexpected lessons

Thank you for saving me time

time that turned into intimate moments with myself

Thank you for leaving me in the darkness
Darkness that reminded me of life’s bitter-sweetness

Thank you for breaking my heart open

An openness that made me love deeper and better

Thank you for the sad ending
A sad ending that brought together friends and strangers a little closer

And lastly, I thank you for paving the way

For the one who won’t break my heart, and I won’t break his

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About the author: Born and raised in Lebanon, Jessica is the founder of The Passion Co.and Start Conference. Previously, she spent 4 years at Airbnb, building and scaling operations. She teaches at Stanford Design School, and resides in San Francisco. Stay in touch with her work by subscribing to her bi-weekly newsletter here.

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