We Gave Him $15,000 and 6 Months to Become a Marketing Expert

There is no single path to expertise

At Degreed, we believe that there is no single path to expertise. We know there are many ways to learn something new, and to prove it we gave Ryan Baylis, a videographer, $15,000 and 6 months (the approximate equivalent of a semester of college tuition) to become a marketing expert using self-directed learning. Ryan is documenting his journey in a new web series titled “Ryan Learns Something”. Meet Ryan and check out our latest episode:

You can watch the first 3 episodes and subscribe here.

Learn like Ryan

Ryan’s ability to learn something new is not unique to him… but the cash we gave him certainly helped. If you’re ready to own your expertise, Degreed wants to give you a head start, too. Pick a goal, gather resources, and get started by entering our giveaway. We’re giving away three prize packages that include the best books on learning and a $500 Degreed FlexEd learning debit card that you can use for online courses, audio books, or the pile of books that have been stacking up in your Amazon account.

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