Photo Credit: Greg Raines

When Someone Helps Us Be Ourselves

There’s something so unsettling about feeling misunderstood. About feeling like we’re unable to be ourselves for fear of ridicule or harassment or being misconstrued.

Which is why there’s something incredible about feeling like someone else understands us. About feeling like we can be ourselves in the presence another person.

And when someone else understands us, there are few things as enjoyable. There’s no need for qualifiers before saying what we actually want to say. There’s no need to explain every little detail. There’s no need to worry about one small action or decision defining who we are in the eyes of this person.

There’s just love and laughter and feeling whole. There’s a deep connection and intimacy that is not necessarily tied to anything romantic. It’s an intimacy of your souls. It’s as if you have everything in the world to talk about but you’re fine if no one says a single word.

Being with someone who helps us be ourselves is not only incredible, it’s also one of the most personally enriching experiences that exists.

They take our quirks, and embrace them. They take the things we’re scared to broadcast to the world, and foster them. They take the essence of who we are and allow us to experience what it feels like when our own energy is reflected back at us.

They are a mirror. Showing us who we are in our truest, most unfiltered form.

And in many ways, they help us discover who we are.

They help us understand the things inside of us that are begging to come out. They help us identify when things feel right. Maybe that’s a bit vague and abstract, but some of the most perfect things in life are vague and abstract.

Sometimes, the only way to describe a relationship is that it just feels right.

And this is how we get to know who we really are; when things feel right in the presence of another person.

This is how we gain a better understanding of our truest self; when we open up and allow another person to help us realize who we are.

It’s about the dynamic. It’s about the interplay. It’s about the way you feed off each other. It’s about the subtle hints and clues that you pick up along the way. It’s about recognizing when it feels right, when you feel right.

When someone helps us realize our full, true selves it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. Because when we’re our full, true selves in the presence of another person, it’s as close to perfection as any of us will ever get.