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Where Diversity Really Lies

It’s not in caste, creed, or social stigma.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in a world without diversity? In a world where every single one of us were identical in every aspect? If all of us led the same lives, walked the same paths, faced the same struggles, or fought the same battles. What would become of you and me in a world such as this? Do you think we could thrive, or just survive?

In a world where I barely fit in, where I hardly know what I’m going to do, or how I’m going to carry on, I find immense peace in just living. In just accepting whatever it is this “life” chooses to throw at me. Of the many things I do not understand, lies attachment, and come to think of it, detachment as well.

Attachment is one of those forces I just do not get. If it’s so easy to get attached to someone, why can’t the same be said about detachment? Why is it that when something’s new and happening, filled with emanate energy it’s so alluring? So fascinating, that the thought of a means to end it is daunting. It’s all flowery and rosy when people, time, and space fall into place. When everything’s a dream, when reality is the best place to be in.

Detachment, on the other hand, isn’t quite the same. I’m talking about when you reach a point where people no longer carry on in the journey with you. The point where your plans and theirs are totally out of sync. It’s pretty simple to say you carry on and they do too, with or without you. But, it’s the starting point that’s not so easy. The acceptance of the change being thrown your way. The moment, when it strikes you that people that you began with aren’t quite at the same pace as you.

Some of them might be ahead, some of them behind. Some of them in a league of their own. No two paths are the same, despite what you may think. Sure they’re similar in a lot of ways, but never identical. They’re relatable, but never the same. In the numerous walks of life that people tread upon, not one of them is identical, not one replicated and I see beauty in that.

“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring.”
— Catherine Pulsifer

I see beauty in the fact that over 7 billion people, live seven billion different lives. Walking their own way, making their own lives, shaping themselves in ways they don’t think or know possible. That’s diversity. Not the fact that cultural or social boundaries divide us, but the fact that our paths do. Sure they criss-cross along the way, overlapping at places, but the end result is always one’s own destiny which in all its entirety differs for each person.

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”
— Unknown

The path you walk on, along with the end result is what makes you, shapes you, and breaks you. It’s amazing how the universe works, how the world works, how these tiny forces of nature influence you, shaping you. Maybe who you are right now doesn’t fit the theory that you think it should, but right now, right here, you are perfect, even if you’re perfectly imperfect. Whatever you’re going through right now is supposed to happen to you. It’s supposed to torture you if it has to. It has to happen. You can’t stop it, hey, you can try, but it’s very likely that you’ll end up all the more frustrated and angry with the turnout of events.

Allow it to course through you body, soul and mind. Let it work its ways on you. Embrace it and feel the aura creeping up on you till it engulfs you in your entirety. Most of all, accept it and let it do what it has to to you. It will pass. Maybe not today, nor tomorrow, not tomorrow’s tomorrow, but one day it will. It simply has to.

There is eternal bliss at the end of the tunnel, which I think every single person is entitled to. It just comes to us in different forms. In different things that we take to have meaning in our lives.

In every phase of life we come across a circle of people. If we were to create a Venn diagram of the people of our present and past, seldom will we find more than a handful at the intersection.

When it’s over, done and dusted, the feeling is different altogether. You may have lost along the way, won maybe, you may have been robbed of someone or something you rightfully deserved. But there is immense power and strength that awaits you when you make it through. You will make it, that’s a given, you just need to be patient.

It’s the path that shapes you, the path that teaches you, more than anything anyone can imbibe within you. Self acquired knowledge is more powerful than any other kind, because you teach yourself how to survive. Survival is an art that every single one of us possesses. It’s just that alot of us just don’t know of it yet.

There’s bound to be pressure, heart ache, failures and doubts along the way. If the pressure crumbles you, allow it to. If the heart ache tears you into tiny pieces, let it. When you get out of that tunnel of doom, you’ll walk with with every single piece of you sewn together. All that will remain are the scars which will forever be your souvenirs, your mental pictures of a lifetime.

At the end we all get the torch with the fire burning brighter than ever. You just have to keep trying to get there. Once you get there, nothing can blow out your flame. Not the best of all things and not the worst. Simply because when you get there, you will be undefeatable, immovable in your own way.

Never give up the hope on ending up in one piece making it, with the fire burning ever so bright that nothing can make break or shake you. Always, aim for the farthest Galaxy, always keeping your feet on the ground. There is no better way to meet success than with a bowed head.

Paths cross, people come, people go, but you stay. So why try to fight that when the only, and incidentally easier way is to accept it?