Why Doesn’t Your Job Keep You Motivated?

Most people typically get hired for one of three reasons:

  • To make a button
  • To push the button several times an hour
  • To watch other people and make sure they don’t push the button incorrectly

A job — that is, a series of tasks to be completed in a given time — will never motivate you to stay. You will master whatever assignments you are given and soon become disinterested.

Actually “job” is probably the wrong term for what most people have. Jobs end. They are supposed to.

The proper word might be “agreement.” You “agree” to do whatever someone tells you to for a certain amount of money until further notice.

Does that sound very motivational to you? Me neither.

Challenge can motivate you to stay. Growth can motivate you to stay. People can motivate you to stay. All of these reasons can be found within a job

But will the job itself motivate you?

No chance.

Not now. Not ever.

Been a while since I’ve done a short form post like this. Let me know what you think down below ;)

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— TB