Write This Down

And never forget.

You will find kindness in the most unexpected places: in the eyes of a stranger, in the warmth of a home that isn’t yours and beneath the shade of a tree you did not plant.

You will also find hurt and anger, distress and the opposite of bravery, fake smiles and hollow compliments. But never let those get in your way or change your mind about the universe.

You will need people and they will need you in return. Prepare to be useful, to be used but not in a destructive way. Let yourself bend for causes worthy of the discomfort of going against your natural self. Yield to things greater than your ambitions.

Love will change you, I promise, but only if you open your heart. See, that’s the thing about love, it never forces its way in. So let it in, it will save your life. Love, love yourself and let yourself be loved. Forgive yourself of every wrong, every misstep and every shortcoming. Remember your humanity, accept your weaknesses. You can be better, but being better is a process not an incident and growth is harder without love.

Some things will build you, some will break you and you might not see either kind coming. Life surprises often, maybe that’s its magic. There will be sunny days and floods, a lot of laughter and buckets of tears, joy in the middle of tragedy and agony in places that should give comfort. The same earth that gives flowers gives thorns and you cannot take one without the other.

Dream often, act even more frequently. The world cannot live off dreams alone, do your part. Failures come with lessons, grieve if you must but don’t miss the learning. Balance hope with the pursuit of the life you want, but don’t let the chase rule you. There are beautiful things along the way, stop to appreciate them.

And when you look back, I hope your regrets are few and your heart is full. I hope the tears in your eyes are for gratitude: that you lived your life, shared a life and touched a life or more.

I hope you have peace.

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