You Have Everything You Need to Show Your Authentic Work. Stop Making Excuses

Thomas Oppong
Jun 1, 2017 · 4 min read

You are more than equipped with the tools and resources you need to find your voice and share your unique message or ideas with the rest of us.

You have everything you need, because what you need is what you have.

The best opportunities are created, not found.

Don’t wait to be noticed. Pick yourself and show your work.

There is so much you can do today, right now if you changed your mentality about it takes to build, launch, create or do something.

If you need time and only have a little, you can make it.

If you need permission, you can say yes to yourself, right now.

If you need freedom, minimize your commitments.

Go for a walk if you need clarity of purpose.

There’s no time like the present to start making art.

Take advantage of the enormous opportunities the information age presents. You have everything you need to go make something meaningful.

Something you deeply care about. You don’t have to be right when you start. But it matters that you begin.

It’s better to be resourceful than to wait for resources to show up.

And when you start, respect yourself and your work enough to spend yourself fully on the problems solve.

Don’t allow complacency to rob you of years of engagement and fulfilling contribution.

You have a voice. Use it. Your opinions matter.

You have a message. Share it.

“We all have the opportunity to use our voices, to have our say, but so many of us are wasting it,” says Austin Kleon.

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.

There’s no bouncer, no gatekeeper, and no barrier to showing your work when you choose yourself.

The first step is the hardest. The rest is just acceleration because a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

These words from Julien Smith can challenge you to take a step, right now!

There isn’t a single thing in this world that’s made better by starting tomorrow.

Everything you care about, everything you are about, needs to begin today or it may never happen.

If you don’t want to do it now, you clearly don’t want it bad enough.

If you want it bad enough, you will find a way.

You can imagine, you can hope, long, or wish for something else, but your life, right now, is all you’ve got, so make it the best.

Whatever you do, I hope you begin to show your work, starting today.

Build momentum. Overcome your resistance brain and start expressing yourself boldly.

Once you commit to getting started, momentum carries you.

Producing results builds positive momentum.

With momentum you’ll get ahead and make progress much faster.

You’ll feel better about yourself once you’ve started. It gets easier after the first step.

Give yourself time in your life to wonder what is possible and to make even the slightest moves in that direction.

Even if you make slow steps. It’s better than not trying!

You have a finite amount of focus, time, and energy to offer the world, and it can never be reclaimed once it’s spent.

There’s no use in wasting your time lamenting the past or waiting too long to make a move because you are not ready.

Nobody will ever be ready.

Be yourself, loudly.

Express yourself bodly.

Start a project you deeply care about.

Write a book. Or an ebook. Self-publish.

Write poetry and publish it on the web.

Create an app that solves your problem or frustration.

Explore the world, and blog about it.

Try something you’ve always been afraid to try, and put it on video.

Start a business that does a service you’ve always wanted, or that you are frustrated with in other companies because the service sucks.

Make music that makes others want to weep, to laugh, to create.

Inspire others by being inspiring.

Teach young people to do amazing things.

Write a play, get others to act in it, record it.

Empower others to do things they’ve never been able to do before.

Read, and read, and then write.

Do something great and ask others to pass it on. Be profound.

Reach out to those who are frustrated, depressed, angry, confused, sad, hurt. Be the voice for those without one. Learn, do, then teach.

Take lots and lots of pictures. And share them.

Start a podcast. Interview people making an impact.

Cook great food, and share it.

Be a consultant. Help someone find meaningful work.

Start an online shop on Shopify. Create and sell stuff on Etsy.

Get really, really good at something. Practice a lot. A lot.

You have one life.

You are the artist.

Don’t just make life work, you make it a masterpiece.

Give it all you’ve got.

Do something interesting, meaningful, different, amazing and truly remarkable.

You have a choice.

Choose to show your most amazing work to the world today!

Derek Sivers once said “Whatever excites you, go do it. Whatever drains you, stop doing it.”

Do what you should. Don’t talk about what you should be doing.

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