An Introductory Reading List

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by non-Jews interested in learning about Judaism (whether for pure intellectual interest or more actionable motives) is “Can you recommend me some good books?”

Library of Berlin Jewish Community

I am limited in what I can recommend. I no longer read English unless for professional purposes. My Torah education and the language in which I think and live my Judaism these past forty years in Hebrew. Nonetheless, from time to time, I have picked up English language books, usually because the author was of interest to me or because others had enthusiastically recommended the book “You really must read this …” or because it had a captivating book cover. The following are books that even decades later, standout in my memory as books that both enlightened me and in some small way shaped my own personal understanding of Judaism. Feel free to forward to me any recommendations that you might have.

To avoid cluttering up this collection of essays I’ve created a separate “series” where I’ll post my suggestions and recommendation on English language literature that I personally read, that impressed me and that I full heartedly recommend to others.