My motivation for these essay …

Dear Correspondent,

I want to thank you for getting back to me. If I was to enter into an extended correspondence with you, you would join a half dozen other individuals that I’ve been corresponding with over the last handful of years. After careful consideration and numerous words of encouragement from my correspondents and my family, I’ve decided to use these exchanges anonymously and convert them into a series of essays that I’m going to publish on medium. Any strictly personal responses will continue to be via email.

The reason I’ve agreed to this approach is that the questions, or maybe more correctly the answers, repeat themselves, so this is a way to conserve my time (as I get closer to the end of my tenure here in this world time becomes all the more precious). Also being able to draw upon responses that I’ve taken the time to thought through, research and thoroughly polish in the past, I can also sometimes provide a more complete and hopefully more eloquent answer rather than the many off-the-cuff responses I tap out my tablet while traveling or waiting for an appointment.

I hope this meets with your approval. As I publish essays that I feel address points you brought up in this message or any subsequent messages to me I will send you a heads up letting you know that I tried to respond to that question in a particular essay.

The most important closing comment I can make, and it’s a very sincere and serious one, don’t do it! You don’t need to convert to Judaism either to benefit from the beauty and wisdom of Torah and Torah tradition nor in order to live a moral and ethical life. Moreover, in light of my own personal experience I can only say, although I have absolutely no regrets, it is one thing to decide to live according to your beliefs despite the fact that they might cost you your life. It is another entirely to live your ideals knowing that you are of necessity of committing your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children to be subject to that same peril because of the choices you made.

I look forward to future exchanges.
Yoel Ben-Avraham
(Avraham Yoel the son of Abraham the forefather of the Jewish People)