She Makes a V With Her Fingers

These four free “stimulators” add a whole new depth of pleasure to lovemaking.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to have an orgasm or to not come too fast and we end up STIFF and STILL…

Even forgetting to breathe during sex!

Other times, we can be so focused on a specific task — such as giving her oral pleasure — that we forget to use our hands along with our tongue. Those sweet nipples need some love too.


If you and your partner are just doing the same ol’ classic “in-and-out…”

Making love can feel repetitive to women FAST!

Then when the “new relationship energy” wears off you have to take massive action to keep it spicy in the bedroom.

Worrying about being boring in bed is just the start!

The fact that intercourse generally feels great to a guy.

But the biggest issue women still struggle with is orgasming reliably.

So when he “sticks it in” it almost always gives him a great orgasm… Where for her so much more is involved to get off.

If she doesn’t climax, how many times will she keep inviting you in?

Less and less.

So here are four free techniques from my heart to yours to radically increase your mutual pleasure during sex as soon as tonight.

  1. Missionary Ring
  2. “V” Fingers
  3. Leg Stimulation
  4. Intimacy Injection

I must warn you though, when you go to this article there are video animations of couples partly showing these 4 sex position stimulators.

Discover the 4 Sex Position Stimulators here…

Add erotic stimulation by incorporating these insanely clever touch techniques. As you keep your hands roving all over each other the entire time you’re making love it makes it easier to move fluidly from one position to the next. And it awakens and enlivens your lover’s body.

I call this “Active Lovemaking.”

I put together this quick article where I share 4 sex position “stimulators” for the missionary position gleaned from my wildly popular Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

These “stimulators” add a whole new depth of pleasure to lovemaking most lovers have probably never tried doing before.

stimulate her

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