Building your next personal website with Personalico

For about long time we’ve been thinking and struggling with the problem of how to build your personal website. And yet another time, finding out the right tool to do so, it has been discovered to be a tough decision.

Moreover if you’re not a “Programmer” that can easily manage to modify, customize and update your content, you’ve to eliminate the option of “Building it by yourself”.

For many professional, owning a personal website, where they can be reachable and where they can share to the world more about themselves, has become a must, especially in 2017. Where being “Googlable” is a key to be a person of influence of your industry. Many tools exist already out there, but there is not a simple one, where you can get a clean and beautiful website up and running just in matter of seconds. The tools we have out there, are complex, bad designed and not focused on your needs.

This is the reason why Personalico started, to be the first and bold tool to build your own personal website, with no effort.

Personalico is really simple. It’s a website builder, where you can create and edit several pages which will be part of your personal website. Your website will have a standard template, like a Facebook Page or a Medium Blog. Strongly studied for better user experience, usability and accessibility.

You will have your profile picture, and links to your social accounts, so you will have like a personal hub for your digital presence online. You will be able to edit pages using a fast and clean page editor, then updating or creating a personal page on your Personalico website, will be easy like creating a facebook post or creating a Medium story. Your changes will be updated in realtime.

At the moment Personalico is still in private beta, please help us reinventing the way we make an online presence, with Personalico.

Stay tuned !