Welcome to the first issue of our letter for leaders

By Anthony Kim; Founder and CEO of Education Elements

I spend a lot of my time talking to district leaders. And as a result I know how busy you all are, and yet how thirsty for knowledge you remain. District leaders are able to do the amazing work you all do because you are life-long learners, because you never stop trying to figure out what more you can do to impact student achievement, better recruit, train, support and retain your teachers and staff, and run your district more efficiently. So we decided to create this quarterly newsletter with a few simple ideas in mind. Each issue will have three articles, written by true experts and thought leaders. Longer than a blog post but shorter than a feature in a magazine. The newsletter will be easy to read wherever you are and easy to share with others. It will be about issues that matter to you because they are issues that impact your students and your teams. And that’s it. No other fluff. No other clutter.

This is our inaugural issue and it focuses on three perspectives on leadership:

  • Michael Horn, author of the book Blended, tackles the issue of if and how leadership matters in blended learning;
  • Alexis Gonzalez-Black, co-founder of Thoughtful Org Partners, proposes two ways that school districts can change how they are organized by looking at models of self-organization; and
  • Ken Eastwood, Superintendent of the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, shares reflections on the importance of superintendent tenure and how to make initiatives long-lasting even when tenure gets cut short.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and that it exposes you to new ideas or inspires you to try something different. Please share it with your colleagues if you like it, and share with me any ideas you have on how to make it better.