Killing the Runaway Trolley Problem

Image based on works by Sirrob01 [CC0] & Universal Pictures [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The nearly half-century-old “Trolley Problem” is a runaway success, one that itself needs to be brought to a halt.


Variants on “The Trolley Problem” from Wikipedia.

The Moral Machine project

Typical ethical dilemma from the “Moral Machine”.

If not this, what?

How law-abiding should they be?

Where should they be allowed?

Site of the May 2016 fatal Tesla accident with mocked-up vehicles

Qualified supervising drivers

“Car will not allow reengagement of Autosteer until parked if user ignores repeated warnings.” — Tesla 8.0 release notes

Where do we drive?





Working towards AI and autonomous systems that are worthy of trust.

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Jim Burrows

On the ‘net (the ARPAnet) in ’74. 4 decades career doing hi-tech things I never did before. Researched Machine Ethics. Retired to create novels and comic books.