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What Women Don’t Do Any more That’s Driving Men Crazy

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Women generally have a lot of weight to carry on their shoulders on a daily basis which include not being seen or heard in workplaces, menstruation that comes with so much pain and emotions before, during and after the cycle, carrying a whole human being in their womb for 9 months, then enduring pain to deliver the baby… It’s a bit too much and they have realized that it is such a wild concept to excuse men for treating them as though they are regular.

Men have always had the impression that a woman is supposed to be nurturing, forgiving at all times and understanding when (unforgivable) mistakes are made. Over the years, women have come to learn the hard way that the person who needs love and care the most in a relationship is themselves and not their partners.

To be honest, women learnt to prioritize themselves from men. Men aren’t known for staying with someone who mistreats them, someone who is not supportive and someone who cheats. They have always mastered the art of self-love when it comes to that department. However, recently, women have been doing the same and way more and every guy my friends and I meet nowadays just cannot stand it. So, here are a few ways that women have switched up the game…

They know their worth and how they should be treated

Women know that they should only date men who worship the grounds they walk on and definitely not the other way ‘round. They are no longer staying with men who deliberately mistreat them and they know that they are good enough so they don’t ever doubt it or blame themselves when a man starts moving funny. They also don’t go out of their way to impress a man to ensure that he stays and respects her. She knows herself.

They have zero tolerance for any form of abuse

They do not excuse physical and/or emotional abuse. A person who loves and cares about you and your health would never put you in danger or make you feel unworthy. Women know that nothing ever ends well with someone who is abusive, whether they acknowledge that they are abuse or not. Not only that, women are not accepting vacations as an apology for abuse or any form of apology for that matter.

They are not ignoring red flags

The moment a single red flag presents itself, women take note and address it. They do this because they know that every red flag that is ignored will sooner or later negatively affect the relationship and even worse, their mental health. So, they dip the instant a man shows them their true colors.

They are not fixing or building up a man

Every woman is busy creating a solid future for themselves hence they have no time to be fixing a broken man who is finding it hard to fall in love again because their previous partner broke them. That negative energy doesn’t jell with the kind of energy they try to surround themselves with. Instead, they tell him to heal and keep it moving. They don’t just live to support their partner and help them build their future, they are focusing on themselves and when the support is not reciprocated, they know that they cannot stay.

They don’t stick around hoping that there will be change

A person who wants to change, will do so without you persisting. Women know this very well and refuse to stick around because the man has ‘potential’ to be better. Actions speak much louder than words. Apologizing and claiming that you will change just doesn’t cut it for women, they want to see immediate action.

They don’t forgive cheating

Since they know their worth, they are certain that someone who values and respects them would not even think about cheating on them. Cheating is in no way a mistake, it is a choice and women are quite aware of this and know that what they allow is what will continue.

They are not settling for weak strokes

Women are prioritizing their sexual pleasure and accept no excuses from men who insist on ‘explaining’ why they cannot stay hard or why they nut so quick. They know that sex isn’t just about men’s pleasure but their pleasure too. They also know that merely getting penetrated doesn’t make for good sex, they need to cum too.

It’s really time for men to step it up if they want a woman to stay because they are not letting men get too comfortable with them. From my experience, from the last 4 years, this is all too much of a woman for a man who hasn’t matured. Dating women in this day and age, in my opinion, is best described as Charles Darwin’s theory — “the survival of the fittest”. Only the mature and logical will make it. Best of luck to all.



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