Whatever You Pick Is Correct

They say when you’re trying to make a hard decision you should flip a coin. Not because it will give you the answer, but because while the coin is in the air, you figure out what you actually want. That’s debatable, but I agree that you should use a coin. This is not because you’ll magically know the right answer, but because both of the choices are correct. Or rather, whichever choice you make will have been correct.

You chose it, so it had to be correct. You bought the car, so it was obviously a good deal. You put money into it, so it must have been worth it. People who buy cars rate the cars much higher after buying them. And people who bet on horses rate their odds of winning much higher after placing the bet.

So when you’re faced with a difficult choice, just pick one impulsively. Your brain will find a way to rationalize and justify it, and you’ll be satisfied.