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Join Portfolio Day: Connecting the Neue Industry with Europe’s Most Exciting Deep Tech

Six companies pitched their latest developments, Gur Kimchi talked drones and we all got the chance to reaffirm our purpose as investors in European deep tech.

From industrial planning, to execution, to quality control

Six of our portfolio companies pitched throughout the day, and in a way that allowed our audience to understand investment in the entire value chain of the industrial ecosystem.

Florian Ziesche presenting at Join Portfolio Day 2021

The link between drones and insects

Gur Kimchi, Co-founder of Amazon Prime Air, treated us to a talk on testing for autonomous vehicles. Complicated applications must interact with the real world and real people. That, according to Kimchi, is the tricky (and potentially scary) part when it comes to autonomy — especially the safety aspect.

Gur Kimchi presenting at Portfolio Day 2021

Sustainability as a competitive advantage for startups

No discussion is truly complete in 2021 without touching on the subject of sustainability. Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-founder of Plan A, discussed ESG, and the fact that doing “business as usual” simply isn’t possible anymore without confronting the elephants in the room: environmental and social issues. There are various costs to ignorance or inaction — and it’s worth it for investors to consider sustainability, despite the unknowns or stigmas attached to unquantifiable returns.



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