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Just Lunch: The Compensation Conversation

Big topics, made bite-sized.

Everyone deserves their slice of pie.
  • How should compensation, or Total Rewards, evolve as your business grows?
  • How can perks & benefits be seen as part of your Total Rewards strategy?
Krystall Fierens-Lee, Proxyclick’s 3CPO, at lunch in Paris

Compensation in Europe: What’s happening?

Up until the last few years, we haven’t had much data available across Europe regarding employee compensation in startups. Luckily, that’s now changing. Krystall and Jennifer both share an aversion to using enterprise or US-based data for European startups and SMBs to benchmark fixed salaries.

Implementing systematic variable compensation

Our conversation then turned to variable compensation, of which there are 4 types:

  • Bonus for project team performance — requires team goals
  • Bonus for individual performance — requires individual goals
  • Discretionary bonuses and retention bonuses

The superpower of perks and benefits

Our C3PO, Krystall, had a lot to say about building a culture and linking it to perks and benefits.

Members of the Proxyclick team engage in discussion on their last remote work trip.
  • Regular free lunches or a stocked kitchen
  • Weekly drinks, with at least one member of senior staff attending so people have access
  • Direct-from-farm grocery baskets delivered to team members to take home
  • Philanthropic or volunteer work projects that involve people across functional teams
  • Regular team events to bring remote team members into the office, travel paid of course
  • Quarterly, semestrial or annual off-site work trips that include socializing
  • Unlimited holiday



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