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Chris Spencer (CTO), John Hill (CEO) and Rodney Taylor (Head of Sales)

Leveraging AI to Boost Decision Intelligence and Business Success: Why We Invested in

Silico allows you to test decisions before making them.

  • Simulating the impact of business and digital transformation initiatives on key metrics to compare ROI
  • Simulating sales and marketing processes to predict revenue timing under a range of budget allocation scenarios
  • Simulating the profitability of new products to aid product design and market segmentation
  • Simulating revenue across a portfolio of products and geographies to identify key value drivers and identify opportunities for product expansion
  • Masterminds John (CEO), Chris (CTO), and Rodney (Head of Sales) met and worked together at Simudyne, a simulation software startup for financial institutions.
  • John has 10+ years of experience in modeling & simulation, formerly as an Economist at the Bank of England and later as Head of Simulation at Simudyne.
  • Chris has 10+ years in building simulation software and was Head of Engineering and acting CTO at Simudyne.
  • Rodney was Head of Sales at Simudyne and boasts 20+ years in Enterprise Sales at Thomas Reuters.
  • A transparent, low-code/no-code platform like Silico allows non-data scientists to feed live data from Salesforce, SAP or similar into the simulation engine and perform direct and forward-looking simulations. This is in contrast to traditional robotic process automation, which only offers snapshots with manual data input required.
  • Transparent models — rather than black boxes — can be built for a variety of use cases, from supply chain to marketing, and the software runs billions of computations in a matter of minutes. For example, we’ve already introduced the team to two potential customers in the automotive and chemical industries.



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