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The Digital Spine executive team

Predictive Maintenance for the Elevator Service Industry: Why We Invested in Digital Spine

Digital Spine is digitizing an industry that has been slow to innovate

Why we invested in Digital Spine

  • A $140 billion global opportunity, with the DACH region representing a €3.6 billion addressable market.
  • Significant traction with top-tier customers, including leading construction and residential companies in the DACH region, with large Annual Contract Values (ACVs) in the 7-figure range.
  • The business model enables a data play and network effect in building optimization. This can be leveraged beyond elevators, as performance optimization is possible for other systems contributing to CO2 emissions such as heating, electricity and water. The importance of digitizing these areas is enhanced through the EU’s aim to be climate-neutral by 2050.
  • Furthermore, the business model is characterised by high synergies for all market players from building owner, to facility manager and OEM, while excluding the possibility for competitive friction.
  • The key stakeholder (the building owner or manager) gains valuable data insights to make informed decisions on a key contributor to the cost of building management.
  • Finally, we strongly believe in backing domain experts. Simon has over 25 years of experience in this sector and thus knows the key pain points of market participants. In addition to that, the senior leadership team consists of experienced industry insiders.



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