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The Proxyclick founding team

Proxyclick acquired by Thoma Bravo portfolio company Condeco

The second exit of Join’s first fund will create a groundbreaking toolkit for corporates to navigate today’s ever-changing workplace environment.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the second exit of our first fund: Proxyclick has been sold to Thoma Bravo’s portfolio company, Condeco — the global leader in enterprise-level workplace solutions. The acquisition creates a powerhouse end-to-end platform that gives employees the ultimate flexibility to work from anywhere.

We are thoroughly proud of the Proxyclick founders Gregory and Geoffroy, who grew their visitor management platform from a bootstrapped company to a market-leading visitor management solution — one that enables organizations to welcome visitors and employees into the workplace without compromising on their health, security or compliance objectives.

Proxyclick’s story is one of total product dedication, as the company spent a great deal of time refining its platform to the highest quality of enterprise software. It is now trusted by Fortune 500 brands worldwide. This makes it all the more exciting that it has reached this point.

In addition to being the market leader in visitor management, Proxyclick positioned itself as a company with even greater growth potential in light of changing workplace conditions brought on by the pandemic. This exit with Thoma Bravo — a partner with strong financial backing — enables the larger vision to come to life, and it will create an unparalleled toolkit for corporate leaders to navigate today’s fluid workplace environment.

From bootstrap to exit

Our team recognized Proxyclick’s vision in the very early stages. At a time when the founders could benefit most from an influx of capital, we wanted to work closely with them to take the leap in their scaling journey. After finding traction with bootstrapping, Proxyclick signed on with Join, and we helped them navigate towards first-mover status in PropTech — a trend that was still budding at the time, and one that we felt strongly about.

For us, PropTech and smart buildings were the perfect representation of an even larger trend around which our thesis is based: the Neue Industry and its autonomous workflows and processes. Proxyclick was able to take its position and run with it, growing from an early pioneer to a global leader in the space. We encouraged U.S. expansion via a Series B, and Proxyclick went on to close that round with a U.S. fund, expand into global operations in the U.S. and open a hub in Asia.

Our thesis in action

In 2017, we invested in Proxyclick with a vision of PropTech’s rise in the coming years. We invested in a Belgian company when not many others were, proving that great investments and global leaders are not only to be found in Europe’s most buzzing tech hotspots.

We saw brilliant minds on the Proxyclick team from the very beginning, and believed the company’s culture and people were a prime foundation for a successful company. Our goal became to help them scale by supporting their hiring, onboarding and culture-building.

We look back now and remember how great it was to encourage this kind of team every step of the way, and we’re excited to see how this new journey unfolds. It’s been a milestone for us to be a part of it.

So, cheers to Proxyclick, its acquisition and the road ahead. We wish the team all the success going forward!

Team Proxyclick



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