Hello, my name is Alberto Rangel. These sets of drawings are part of my project of how men, especially minorities, feel the pressure of how society perceives masculinity. The left side of these drawings show this. However, seeing as how everyone wants to be seen as themselves, these images show how these people want to be seen on the right hand side. The drawing above shows how I believe society perceives me. As a Mexican immigrant, many people expect me to be poor, dirty, heavily accented, be a teenage father, either a drug user, dealer, or both. I have also been expected to be buff, aggressive and a criminal. However, I want to be seen as a caring, family-oriented, loving person who is approachable and friendly. These views were shared between myself and the other guys who helped me out with this project. This shows how society’s view on masculinity is toxic on how guys start feeling about themselves.
This is LaQuan, a gay black man. He believes that society sees him as a stereotypical thug; buff, tattoos everywhere, lazy, poor, a druggie, and unapproachable. However, he wants to be seen in a completely different light. He is an intelligent, fashionable, hard working, and humble man. He also wants to be known as an openly gay man, since he says that being gay is a big part of his social identity.
This is Cyril, a Filipino-American man. Like the past two, he believes that society expects him to be buff and stoic. As a Filipino, he says that many people assume that he is a frugal, all-work, no-play type of guy. This isn’t who Cy wants to be seen as, however. He wants to be known as the funny guy, a leader, successful, talented, hard-working man who cares about family.
This is Eddie. He is a Mexican-American. He believes that society expects him o be buff/muscular, clean shaven, and well-dressed. They also expect him to be respectable, stern, and emotionless. However, he wants to be seen as intelligent, a leader, funny, caring, and compassionate.
Finally, this last drawing is of Jahi, a black man. Like LaQuan, he believes that society expects him to be a thug. To be a cold, buff, intimidating, aggressive, emotionless, manly man. However, he says that that is the complete opposite of him. He says that he wants to be viewed as a goofy, laid back, friendly, regular guy.