Dear capitalism, let’s get married

It seems like a lot of people agree that capitalism is the source of a lot of the problems we are facing right now —and believe an alternative system needs to be created.

Obviously as capitalism is the dominant system we all life in, under or from — it strongly is part of many of our today's problems. But just because capitalism is everywhere, we can not put all the blame on that system and separate ourselves from the problem. Lets better revitalis our love and get re-engaged, work thru the problems we are facing. We are capitalism.

No — wait. Are we capitalism?

Actually capitalism or capital is just one part of the system. The state is another main part of our system, markets are what is very visible to every consumer and employee. Society and democracy are another.
But capitalism is a key part of what drives our world, it is at the core. Who owns something is responsible for that something. If nobody really owns something, nobody is really responsible. And capitalism is at the core of defining ownership.

Some few live from capitalism. Their income is not defined by their work, money works for them. The 1% for sure lives from capitalism.
Then comes the higher to middle class — to a degree they work and to another degree they live of capital income.
And then comes the lower class — who lives or survives alone by working. They live under capitalism, but not from capitalism.
(Why do we not have a name for a system you live in — where work is the only way of income you life from? Capitalism is not their world, work is all what matters to them.)

A democratic society should not be dominated by a system only a few really live extraordinary well from, a big minority lives more or less well from, but the majority is forced to work for them and does not participate in the dominant system of capitalism. Right. How did this happen?

How can we all life from capitalism?

Obviously I can not say capitalism without saying socialism. As soon as the idea of capitalism was born and visible — alternatives arose.
With the grey reality of state based socialism, a mega bureaucracy with no system of controlling the all powerful state, the idea that a better system would be possible — died.

Capitalism and socialism seem as the only 2 options. And capitalism as the winner we have to life with. As our faith is with capitalism and free markets — how can we make everyone a real part of this? How can all of us get engaged and married — a part of capitalism.
I would argue the big problem of capitalism is that it behaves like someone occupying our countries, capitalism is not reflecting who we are and saying we are capitalism seems far fetched.

And obviously this must feel like that for the majority of us. The majority does not have any or very little capital and actually just lives in an occupied country that is owned by others. Lets face it. This is not theory, but grey reality.

That is the grey reality of capitalism today.

We can ask if the system is all broken, what a better alternative might look like. But the simple question might be the better — why are we excluding the majority of the people from the dominant system we live in. Why are we letting them live under occupation? They work their whole life for others. How is this possible in a democratic society were every vote counts the same, every life has the same value and every human should be treated the same and should start with the same opportunity in his life?

The ideology lockdown

It seems that we are looking at a locked situation. The left sees the problem, but does not believe in capitalism. It mostly views it as the source of the problem — but does not see the possibility of solutions in it. They still mostly believe in the state as dominant actor and source of a solution. Taxes, better rules and regulations.
Conservatives might acknowledge the problem — but are not interested in changing much on a structural, society level. They fear and disapprove state based ideas coming from the left to solve this inequality, but have a vocal interest in supporting individuals becoming a part of capitalism. They openly say they love capitalism.

It is time to come past this locked situation. Any major structural change has to be supported by a big majority in society. Within a democracy, you might win one election, but you then only have 4 years to bring some change until the next election. For bigger changes you need a longer term vision and time to make it happen.

How could we change the reality of our capitalism, in a way that is supported by the majority of the people in the long term? As the majority does not have any capital — giving everyone a fair share in capitalism and the world they live in — that should be a fairly simple argument to win both sides for, or?

Capitalism and responsibility

The other reality of capitalism is that once a big crisis hits, the banking crisis, covid, natural disaster — the main responsibility and consequences are carried by all of us— directly and thru the state — and not by the owners and managers of the companies. And we all know that climate change will be no different in that aspect.

We all have more or less an equal share of the problems that are created, but an very unequal share of the capital and opportunities. This is true inside a company, inside a country and for the whole world. You have to be a saint to not be part of this at some level. But it starts at the very top and needs to change at the very top.

If you look from that lense, capitalism seems more of an very organised system of irresponsibility, of taking out as much as possible and leaving behind all the bad consequences.

A system we are all caught in and nothing we can separate ourselves from easily. But if we all own the problems and consequences — if we all going be responsible for it once it all went wrong — we better should be in charge right now. We should own what we are in charge of.

We are all capitalists

As we all together own the world we live in, we all own capitalism. Let’s change it for the better and stop denying to be part of it. Lets become an active part of it, an shareholder with active responsibility and power to change the course. We can not wait for the perfect world until we take the responsibility for our part in it. We can not change a system and at the same time deny it. Aren’t we denying our responsibility for what we are living in and from?

The best way to change something is by loving and owning it. It opens up your eyes for all the great sides, the unlimited possibilities capitalism creates, the freedom it creates, the empowerment for us people. A massive machine of endless change and development. Seeing the problems and possibilities at the same time — that is what enables us to change what is needed to be changed and empower what is working already for us.

How would capitalism change when we are all active shareholders and actively in charge of our society and actions? And with this one big step more responsible for the world we live in and create for the generations to come?



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