I would like to acknowledge your rant at what you assumed was a rant.
Minna Von Walden

I labeled your post as a rant, because it is the typical reaction most write when they read what I post on social media about depression.

I have written quite a few posts on Medium too about what depression is and how it is healed from my experience as someone who suffered a deep depression and who awoke from it, and from my work with those who come to me for meditative healing.

The typical rant is about how we are misunderstood and how we long to get well, and how we want sympathy from fellow sufferers. Any advice about how to get over it, how it came to be, and how one gets stuck in depression by taking drugs is usually taken as an affront.

Your rant, like many I have read is a defense of what you know about depression. You write in your acknowledged rant: “Your response makes me feel like you have never experienced depression or the true PAIN it makes one FEEL.”

Many people confuse thinking with feeling and it is particularly true for depressives. In your sentence above it is your reactive thoughts which make you think I have not experienced depression. I stand by my comments that it is the addiction to one’s mind centeredness that creates depression. Depression is most common in hightly educated smart people, read mind centered.

True health is a mind, body, and spirit that is one, balanced, and in harmony. This whole world is depressed, and millions suffer from depression. The cure is to awaken from the universal notion that who we are is our mind. People kill each other the world over, because of their attachment to who they think they are, their religion, their nationality, even their football team. Love is the answer, but for depressives who are cut off from their body and feelings, it is a long trip to get there.

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