Doctors put me on 40 different meds for bipolar and depression. It almost killed me.
Amanda Gelender

I awoke from a depression

In my case, fortunately for me, I suffered depression before doctors had these meds they prescribe today.

Also, 43 years ago, running to a shrink meant you were crazy and it was not nearly as usual as it is today. If meds were available I would have probably taken them and had a similar story to tell. Instead I awoke from my depression by doubting my mind and its thinking. I never believed I had a mental illness.

I don’t believe anyone with depression has a mental illness. It is a diagnosis by big pharma to make billions of dollars. The market is huge, because we have all been programmed and conditioned to believe authority figures, preachers, politicians, and doctors.

I was born a cynic and so on the verge of suicide, I doubted my own mind and its program and awoke from my depression.

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