Why Feeling Like You’re Not Enough…is More Than Enough.
Heidi K. Isern

On harshly judging yourself.

Have you ever asked yourself, Who is she that judges you?

So, you realize your mind judges you, however, in saying this do you not realize you make a distinction between your mind and you? In other words, there is you and there is your mind that judges you.

It is perhaps confusing to observe this conundrum, but I assure you there is nothing but good that can come out of asking these questions. It is known as introspection.

Mostly, no one introspects. We hate being confused. We want security, we do not want to be the least bit shaken up in how we think. We want to stay on track going where we’re going, wanting what we want, getting our hopes and desires fulfilled.

But, your reality sucks if you tell the truth just a little bit. You are tense, stressed out, unhappy, discontented, a bit depressed or a lot depressed. And you know there is stuff going wrong in all your relationships. Perhpas you drink or smoke too much. Maybe you must medicate yourself to sleep.

Introspection is a good thing when you have suffered enough, when you’ve had it with how your life is. When hope has failed you and you are now hopeless with everything you know. My good news is you have made just one mistake. You have placed the ladder of your life on the wrong wall.

There is so much you do not know about life it is incredible. And it is easy stuff, once you commit yourself to awakening to the other side. And yes, it can be disorienting to realize that most of what you thought you knew has not served you at all.

My spiritual name is Nirvan, a name given to me by my master. I am a Zen Master and you may hire me to guide you out of the mess you’ve made of your life. I teach awakening, a process different for everyone, since we are each at different levels of unconsciousness. Feel free to contact me for a chat or a session for which you may make a donation.

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