The ego is tricky

The ego is tricky

How we remain stuck unaware and unconscious

The ego is tricky. We often hear this said by spiritual seekers who try and fail to let go of their ego minds.

The ego is tricky, but what most fail to realize is — the spiritual seeker who judges the ego mind as tricky is ego mind!

All your thinking is ego mind. The best trick of the ego is the distinction you make between your thinking and your ego.

Most likely you will deny this truth. You want to believe you are somehow separate or distinct from your ego, because you want to hold on to who you believe you are.

The truth is you do not know who you are, and most likely you do not want to hear this truth either. You will deny it.

Ego mind is denial incarnate. You cannot observe any aspect of youself which you deny. Alcoholics do not know they have a problem with alcohol, until they stop denying. Deny your thinking is ego and you cannot observe your ego and how you are.

Once you no longer deny that all your thinking is ego, your ego is observable. Ego exists only when it is unobserved. Witness ego and ego disappears.

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