Trust in a master, trust your pain, or trust your heart.

Beware of trusting your mind and feelings attached to your ego.

The message “Be, here, now”, or “Awaken”, makes no sense to anyone, because we believe we are awake and being where we are. We all believe we are open minded, too.

The world is the way it is, because we are unconsciously centered in a mind, programmed and conditioned to insanity. Ask anyone if they think the world is insane and most likely they will agree. But, ask them how they escaped insanity having been brought up in an insane world, and you will watch them make a hasty retreat from you.

We only begin to awaken when we have suffered enough to inquire into the truth of our suffering. Pain is the greatest teacher; it is how we open our mind to learn any truth. Meditation is the way, medication keeps you stuck in insanity.

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