Don’t dismiss people. It doesn’t pay.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

We can easily get dismissed by answering, What do-you-do?

I dislike being judged, put in a box, so I evade the question.

What do-you-do? When? was one of my cheeky answers.
How do you answer, What do-you-do?

Now I say, I Love. Love is the answer I now give.

I never let my subject get in the way of what I want to say. Read on for me to tell you what is it I teach.

To Love is the answer, I like to ask, But what is the question?
I found the answer, Who am I? insightfully revealed in meditation.
Now I see Love can answer, What do-you-do?
And also, Who are you?

To, Who do you love? I like to answer, Women.
I love women, especially women who know they are love.
Women who have rediscovered their heart are the easiest to love.

I was a man with a predominant male energy, before it balanced out.
My master Osho, jokingly helped me and other men to become lesbians.

For men, discovering love is more difficult than for women. Men and women both have masculine and a feminine energies, but women are more naturally in tuned with their heart of love, while men are more naturally in tune with silence.

The “work” then is easiest for women, which is why I prefer to work with them. Men, as most women know, are a different breed, more in the moment, less willing to surrender their egos and commit to the future hopes and dreams of women.

Men must be willing to introspect and loosen their attachment to their egos to begin to balance out. The path for men is more arduous and longer; women need only get through the wounding on their hearts for it to open. A woman’s crazy mind is not nearly as tenacious as a man’s programmed conditioning to this insane world.

Love is the answer for men and women to be harmonious together, to transcend our past, and to be free and at peace, here and now. Love is the energy of this universe, it is the natural state of all beings. Love is to be one.

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