What is love?

Love is a transcendent state of being. Love is your awakened heart center; once opened, love can be shared and received; not before.

Love from your heart center is beyond the mind of time; it is being, in the eternal blissful moment.

Love is misunderstood as something you desire from someone. In all love songs, replace the word love to need, and truth is served.

Neediness masquerades as love, it is not love. Love is free, love is not a relationship or a bondage. Do not say, “I love you”; Say, I feel love in your presence. This way you take responsibility for your love, you own your love. Others will not become frightened and run away from this.

In relationship, all difficulties point to individual neediness. Relationships are about realizing lessons — about awakening your love. Love is the answer, once your heart opens.

from “Moments of Lucidity”, my book on 2b-one.com