Pet Therapy Notes
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Pet Therapy Notes

We’re Eating the Guinea Pigs’ Leftovers

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Merlin and Pumpkin are calling the shots © Susie Kearley

Today we’re having greens with tofu for dinner because the guinea pigs have gone off greens. Last week they loved greens, but this week they don’t like them at all.

A couple of weeks ago they wouldn’t eat anything except carrot, so we put 3kg of carrots on the supermarket delivery. Then they…




Personal essays on the pet-human relationship: The good, the hard, the beauty, the joy, the humor, the pain, moments in time — ALL OF IT.

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Susie Kearley

Susie Kearley

Freelance writer, author, animal lover. Qualified in nutrition, psychology, marketing, MBA. I cover writing, animals, history, travel, health, wellbeing & more.

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