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vyprvpn installation on amazon EC2 instance

VyprVPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology that safeguards your privacy and security with multiple encryption protocols and secure DNS. It provides fast and reliable connections with global network of servers.

Why Use a VyprVPN?

  • Increase Your Online Privacy and Security :-
    Encrypt your internet connection with VyprVPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection. Prevent your ISP or third-party snoops from viewing your online communications, location and browsing activity.
  • Bypass Censorship and Restrictive Networks :-
    Escape government censorship and Internet restrictions,restore your access to a free and open Internet with VyprVPN.
  • Stream Without Limitations :-
    Improve your speed, access geo-blocked content, and stay secure while streaming online. Achieve the best streaming experience with VyprVPN.

This documentation shows the step-by-step installation of VyprVPN server on AWS (Amazon Web Services).For the VyprVPN own documentation one can follow the this link.

Before getting started, first register for an account on VyprVPN .

Choose any plan you want (they provide three day free trail), and confirm your e-mail,once done with account creation go to AWS website and log-in in your AWS account.

1.Go to EC2 in services section.
2.Click Launch Instance and follow the below steps.
3.Choose Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS in step 1 for choosing AMI.

4.Choose t2.micro as it is in free tier.(you can opt for others also.)

5.In step 3 of configure instance option go to advance option and under option of “User Input” copy and paste the content of this page.

6.Configure your security group as given bellow:-

Type Protocol (auto-set) Port Range Source

HTTP TCP 80 My IP (will detect and select your IP)


Custom TCP Rule TCP 222 My IP

Custom UDP Rule UDP 443 Anywhere

Custom UDP Rule UDP 500 Anywhere

Custom UDP Rule UDP 1194 Anywhere

Custom UDP Rule UDP1701 Anywhere

Custom UDP Rule UDP 4500 Anywhere

Custom UDP Rule UDP15001–20000 Anywhere

Custom UDP Rule UDP25001–30000 Anywhere

7.Finally launch the instance by either creating or using previous key-pair.

8.Copy your public IP address and open it in browser ,you will see the VyprVPN installation screen.

9.After the Vyprvpn Server Installation is completed ,enter the public ip py amazon in browser and log-in with the below credentials :-

Username: admin
Password: Grod42decK

These are the defaults credentials and need to be changed for security purpose.As it would be your first time logging to this server ,accept the exception and continue.

After successful login ,go to “System Settings” and change the current password.

As of now your server is installed and running set your server name and change the IP type which best suits your instance configuration.

  1. If you are using elastic IP attached with your AWS instance or if you are using Digital Ocean droplet then set this value to be Static.As in both the cases if the server reboots the server’s IP would not be changed.
  2. If you are not using Elastic IP address with your instance then select Dynamic IP in field of “IP Type”.

To connect to the server first install the VyprVPN client ,in the following example we will check the server functioning on Android Device.
First install the VyprVPN on your android device.

Open the App and log-in with the new credentials if you have changed.The application will show your current location. Check your current public IP address (search in google or click on this link to check your current public IP address) .

Now connect to your sever by selecting the server name (her we have vyprvpn) .

After you are connected a tiny notification will show you that your device is connected to VPN.
After you connect to the server , again check your public IP if it changed or not.

The new IP is changed from India location to US as the instance hosting the VPN server is in the US location.


The VyprVPN server is a good option in market to choose for securing your space in public domain.This server installation provides you the benefit of securing the event driven on the server machine itself as the hosting server is maintained by you ,you can choose to delete the instance anytime eliminating the risk of your logs being read by someone other in case you are afraid of it.


Petabytz Technologies Inc. is a leading IT consulting,Data Science and Engineering, business solution and systems integration firm with a unique blend of services.

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Petabytz Technologies Inc. is a leading IT consulting,Data Science and Engineering, business solution and systems integration firm with a unique blend of services.

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