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The Box

when heroes were heroes

The Final Parade, Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth, New Zealand

“No candy,” Mom would say. “Dad wants to send them something they can use. Get a can of beans or a little saucepan or maybe a nice handkerchief for the little girl. And make sure you’re back in time for dinner.” We were eight or nine, my twin brother and me, off and running for the bus to town, each of us clutching a silver dollar. Every November it was the same ritual. Buying Christmas presents for The Box.




A collection of short stories about the people I‘ve met along the way. Some you will recognize, like George Harrison and Muhammad Ali, others you have no reason to know. No matter, behind every life is a story. Best enjoyed with a glass of fine Spanish red…

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Peter Winter

Peter Winter

Kiwi, born under the mountain, adopted by the USA. I tell my stories here at peter-winters-life-of-fiction. I sometimes write commentary, too. Then I go sailing

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