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Gracie, the Continuing Forever Puppy

Chapter 4-Dame Gracie, the Greek

Gracie at the park before one of her hikes, credited to Author

Gracie is still an Irish Terrier Terror-a handful, brilliant, gorgeous, and downright annoying. We are still breathlessly awaiting her exit from youth and adolescence to adulthood. Gracie is still a bother, but we are learning how to cope with her quasi Middle School antics. Regardless, she still socializes well with dogs and people plus she is a…




A place where you can publish photos and stories about your non-cat animal friends

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Robbi K. Mark, SR ED-BOP

Robbi K. Mark, SR ED-BOP

BE OPEN PUB/ret ESL EDU-love to write & learn/smells the roses/like to hike&travel w/my muse/Greek Travel writer gone eclectic/Creator-Dora’s Series

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