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Laker. June 21, 2021. Pastel by Julie LoTauro

Loving Laker

Homage to a special furry friend

July 14, 2006, our neighbours across the road, John and Liz, brought home a Golden Retriever pup they called Laker.

A Golden Retriever pup, called Laker. July 2006. Photo by Louise Peacock

Laker quickly wormed his way into everyones’ hearts. We were privileged to help Liz and John with letting Laker out when they were at work, and sometimes even taking him for car rides and walks!

Laker and Moka. October 2006 Photo by Louise Peacock

In no time, Laker had grown from the lovable fluffy puppy, into a gangling teenager of a dog. Good natured and amiable, Laker made friends with everyone. Our dog Moka was good friends with Laker and they would happily share the back car seat when it was our turn to take Laker to the lakeside park.

Laker was a great companion for Liz and Johns’ youngest daughter, Adara. Laker quickly bonded with Adara and she with him.

Laker bonded with Adara. July 2006. Photo by Louise Peacock

The years flew by. Laker was all grown up now. Our dog Moka had passed and we now had Tessa. Tessa tolerated Laker as a necessary evil — that’s just the way she was. Laker ignored her attitude and was just as pleasant with her as he was with everyone. Tessa would flounce and snap, and unfazed, Laker would smile and bounce, staying just out of reach to tease her.

Tessa, R.I.P. Photo by Bruce M. Walker

Laker never failed to do a little happy dance when ever he saw us. A dogs’ love is a beautiful thing.

Laker does his happpy dance. Photo by Louise Peacock

John and Liz got new next door neighbours, and before long, they had brought home a brand new Golden retriever pup. This was Gryphon.

Gryphon. Photo courtesy M.

Gryphon was also an immediate hit in the ‘hood. His smiling, pleasant personality was a win with all of us, but especially with Laker. Laker and Gryphon bonded right away and became besties.

Gryphon and Laker were besties. Photo courtesy M.
Besties on a bench. Photo courtesy M.

The years just flew by. John and Liz retired, both daughters had moved out and it was just John and Liz and Laker now. Laker was an older gent but still having a lot of fun with the much younger Gryphon.

Gryphon and Laker doing the pet treat Paso Doble. Photo by Louise Peacock

Laker was showing his age a bit. A bit of arthritis and a bit more reluctant to go on long hikes. His muzzle was a little gray.

October 2020. Laker. Photo by Louise Peacock

Laker gave us all a scare last year, suddenly getting very sick. We all thought his time had come, but somehow he pulled through and kept on being his usual self until just the end of June this year.

He started to lose a lot of weight, and lost a lot of mobility. Stairs were becoming a big problem for him, and sometimes just getting up was a problem. He was sleeping a lot.

The decision was made to let him go before things got a lot worse. Not an easy decision, but at least one that could be made to reduce Lakers’ pain. With heavy hearts some of us from the ‘hood gathered to bid our old friend farewell. Sad at the reason for being there, but grateful to have been invited to give Laker one last pat.

Laker may be gone, but he is not forgotten.

R.I.P. old friend. July 2006 — June 21, 2021.

June 21 2021. This was one of the last images I took of Laker. I like to think of him heading off to cross the Rainbow Bridge.



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