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No, It Was Not Just a Dog

Identity crisis after losing my dog

Mango ( a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog) pictured at 3 different places. 1. park in Ireland. 2. beach in New Zealand. 3. downtown Toronto in Canada
Mango (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) the globetrotter — picture by Niki Tisza

I lost my dog, Mango.

I was heartbroken.

She was not just a dog.

She was love.

Pet love is real love

Losing a pet is as painful as losing someone we love. I know because both happened to me. But,



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Niki Tisza

Niki Tisza


Designer. YouTuber. Sketchnote artist. Writer. I write about UX, UI, product design, design research, solopreneurship, side projects.✨