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Pasodoble with Dogs

Gryphon and Laker execute the Pasodoble, Canine version. Photo by Louise Peacock.

Gryphon and Laker live across the road from us. Their owners are our neighbours and live side by side.

Laker was first, and what a cute puppy he was.

Laker as a puppy. Photo by Louise Peacock

We sometimes got to go to the lakeside park with Laker and our senior dog, Moka.

Laker and Moka at the lakeside park for an outing. Photo by Louise Peacock

Then, Gryphons’ owners moved in beside Lakers’ folks, and two years later adopted Gryphon, another really cute puppy, who grew into a lovely dog.

Gryphon in 2017. Photo by Louise Peacock





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Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.

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