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This is an email from Petness News and Views, a newsletter by Petness.

Petness News For March 2022

Greetings all!

Based on recent events, there are a couple of things we need to clarify.

Under Submission Guidelines we have just that — guidelines for publishing your stories in our pub.

We love to get your stories about your fur babies, but if you are writing something where you are making statements about a subject, those statements MUST be substantiated with links to accredited sources. That is our policy.

Even if you work in the pet profession, you STILL need to provide linked sources. Providing this information makes your statements more credible. Providing your information sources does not diminish you as a writer, rather it builds respect for you.

Failure to follow our publication guidelines will A) result in the piece not getting published until the issues have been addressed, B) can result in your removal as a writer in the event of unwillingness to comply.

We also think it worth reiterating that all images used with your article, MUST have a linked accreditation. Even if YOU took the image, you need to say so.

Editors Picks

You folks have made our job of picking fave articles and photos for February and March really hard. Stand by for our final choices!



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