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Want to be a Better Writer? Get a Dog (or two)!

Image credit: Author's own dogs, Woof and Greyhound

We know how a dog is a man/woman's best friend. But can they help us, writers, in our writing journeys, too? Read on to find out.

Dogs help you feel less alone

Writing is a lonely profession. You spend hours at your desk without interacting with another person. Dogs force you to step outside. They don’t care about your deadlines or rejections. You’re compelled to abandon your worries and take them for walks.

Dogs keep you grounded

Dogs keep you humble no matter how shitty or grand your writing day. When you’re scooping their poop into bags or cleaning their vomit, you remember you’re just an ordinary human trying their best. Your worries feel small in the greater scheme of things.

Dogs give a routine to your day

With discipline comes freedom. As a work-from-home writer, days and nights get blurred when we’re deep in work. Dogs give your days a structure. They follow a fixed schedule for walks, meals, playtime, etc.

Dogs help you take long walks

Most writers swear by their walks and how it helps them generate ideas for writing. Walks are beneficial to your body and mind. As I explore the woods with my dogs, I am exposed to the turning of the seasons. The changing color of the trees, the crocuses and the tulips blooming by the sidewalks.

Dogs remind you how special you are

A writer’s life is filled with rejections. From clients to publications, you name it. When things don’t go your way, the nasty imposter syndrome raises its head. You feel worthless as a writer (and heck, even as a human). A dog wagging its tail in happiness or drooling all over you reminds you of how you mean the world to them. Your worth isn’t defined by a stranger on the internet.

However, think through before getting a dog…

Get a dog if you need some companionship, exercise, and discipline. But remember, animals aren’t toys. If you’re up for a 15–20 year commitment, only then opt for a dog. Also, please adopt instead of buying a pup. You’ll have a cheerleader, friend, and guide for life.




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