The world’s first online procurement source for the Oil and Gas industry is a new online B2B platform that serves the entire oil and gas industry, providing smart and efficient business-to-business sales services via one easy-to-use web portal. This platform is for all buyers and suppliers in the oil and gas industry and spans the entire procurement chain, from large operators to small sole proprietorships.

With just a few clicks, buyers have the opportunity to scan thousands of trusted suppliers worldwide and can immediately distribute requests for quotation (RFQ’s) for any product and/or service. Suppliers then submit their quotes online and engage in a fair and competitive bidding process (all quotations are confidential and only visible to the buyer for that particular quote). All of this is done in a matter of minutes, saving considerable time for everyone involved in this transaction.

The website also features a marketplace where suppliers may post a variety of products and services worldwide, from surplus to rental equipment.


BUYERS reduce costs by limiting time used on the whole procurement process and by obtaining the best quality at the best price of products and/or services purchased.

SUPPLIERS reduce overhead costs used on sales and direct marketing, focusing entirely pertinent bids only.

Our values of equal opportunity, trust and efficiency remain unchanged to meet the ever-increasing industry drivers to reduce operational costs and seek lower-cost alternatives.

Explore new suppliers, increase market share and optimize your cost — all in one easy step.


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