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Petty Report Card

In Good Company w/ Holly Golightly, Dave Chappelle, and High School Mass-Murderers

… one of these is not like the others …

According to my laptop’s system’s data, today is Tuesday, 26 October 2021, roughly 0616, still dark, and since I continue to suffer from some serious constipation (intellectual, not physical, although I would not be embarrassed to admit bowel constipation as I am not ashamed of the fact that I poop, just like everyone else, and just like most things in life, anything about poop/pooping/farts/farting is fucking funny), I thought I’d just jot down some thoughts and share them as “writing” … lol.

Here’s a small index of what’s to come (in no specific order):

re Dave Chappelle

Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

… a thing I wrote but didn’t post, not sure why …

[I got distracted, and now it’s 0645, and we’re back at it … where was I?]

Right, so, I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s again (I’m not sure, but I think I’ve seen the flick two or three times) last night because I checked out a new book from the library that’s basically a how-to on how to incorporate that Holly Golightly style into your everyday, mundane, 21st-century life, etc. As I was flipping through the book’s pages to get an idea of what I was in for, I realized that I had no idea what the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is actually about. There was talk about the outfit Holly’s in when she leaves prison — what the? How she schmoojes up the short LBD with a large hat when off to Sing Sing — the fuck? Yea, apparently, I’ve never actually paid any attention to the flick when watching it. I had absolutely no idea what the plot is, and I suddenly didn’t know why I had not paid any attention to the flick the handful of times I’ve seen it, and I know that I’ve seen it.

So, the bodybuddy/lifemate found the flick on some pirate-streaming site, and I got comfy. After that “dreamy” opening scene that everyone balks about, I immediately understood why/how it is that I’ve never actually paid this fucking flick any attention the number of times I’ve had to (apparently) suffer through this particular tragedy.

Holly Golighty’s “asian” landlord (or property manager, who can say?) is violently depicted as a caricature of all of white man’s creativity when considering what an Asian man must be like through a white supremacist’s white gaze.

Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and did you love it? Yea, my white mother loved it, too, and she routinely laughed out loud at the Mr. Yumioshi character, while I, a small Korean (Asian, if you don’t know where Korea is) female, had to sit, watch, watch my own white (adopted) mother laugh, and somehow understand that this is what asian-ness looks like. It’s no wonder I’ve never had a fucking clue what this fucking movie is about, and honestly, I still don’t fucking care. Neither should you.

re Dave Chappelle …

Obviously, I watched The Closer, and I loved it. I even loved the racist part about how his black antibodies were kicking some asian kung-flu ass. (not). Obviously, I didn’t love that part, but I still thought it was funny, because the sooner something becomes a farce, the sooner it can be deflated of its “power.” And this is obviously the entire point of Chappelle’s stand-up, if you can even call it that, and this is where I’d like to begin.

It’s becoming blatantly obvious to me that Chappelle (among others, like Colbert and Oliver [and yes, they’re both white, and yes, I don’t have another good example because no, I am not the sort of well-researched writer that would do that sort of research to make a point that doesn’t need that sort of research to be made]) is not doing “stand-up” or even “comedy” as we’ve known it to be.

The whole idea of stand-up and comedy is changing, shifting, and evolving, like all things. The problem with comedy is that it’s supposed to be funny, but the shit that’s relevant today (if relevance is what’s being striven for) isn’t funny — it’s fucking real as fuck.

All this means is that these stand-up platforms of yore are antiquated, a thing that’s joined the lexicon or “normal” entertainment. It’s there. Mundane. Banal. And the bathos is exhausting.

What Chappelle and others like him have done is sorta spun off back toward a more Socratic method of public speaking. He’s a public philosopher philosophizing out loud — a thought leader. Of course, Chappelle enjoys seeing the funny side of things — every thing — because he inherently understands that farce deflates. First as tragedy, then as farce, right?

Obviously, I’m not interested in poking my nose where it don’t belong, and since I have absolutely zero skin in the game with regards to the issues at hand, I will not speak to them (the issues). I will, nevertheless, speak to how tragic the entire situation is, overall, because the tragedy is basically ironic, and Chappelle is really getting a good laugh at all of this because it’s so apparent that nobody understands that Chappelle (and others like him) is no longer a “stand-up comic” as we’ve known the term to be. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. If anything, we should all be really grateful that there’s someone out there willing to say the shit that needs to be said so that it’s said out loud. This is the only way we can deal with these things.

The ancient philosophers were not utilized to tell you WHAT to think. They told you HOW to think and THAT you SHOULD think, often, critically. Chappelle (and others like him) is demanding the same thing. Chappelle also understands that we live in a world of extremes, so there’s really only one way to get your (and my) attention.

So if you’re all riled up and pissed off that Chappelle has got your panties (or manties, fuck!) all rumpled in a knot, then be grateful that he’s stimulated your mind to the extent that you’ve actually, perhaps, thought some of your own thoughts. If you’re simply riding the noise train, go fuck yourself, then read a book or two, you dumbfuck.

And then, finally, for now, I wrote a thing a while back, but never posted it cause I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I still haven’t posted it, but I’ve linked a document of it to this post, so if you’re super curious, you can read it below, in document format.

High School Mass Murders — Yet Another Boomer Creation

[now it’s 0714, and I’m done with this shit]


Originally published at on October 26, 2021.




it’s called “petty” report card … don’t be surprised when I write about petty shit … duh.

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