Petty Report Card
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Petty Report Card

July Goals

on Instagram @ amateurtattletale

…follow this link to read my Initial-Goals Post on insta…

…went better and worse than i had expected, all at the same time, but mostly, i want to thank @karenjamesyoga for your words of encouragement to me at the very beginning of the month, when you essentially encouraged me to see anything i accomplish this month as progress…these words took so much pressure off of me that i easily flew through the first two metric weeks and smashed everything i had planned, and then my plans changed, and AGAIN @karenjamesyoga came through with even more words of encouragement which had me consider my neck spasming out not as a “stalling out” (like i had put it) but rather, as a change of direction…i apologize if all of this seems so obvious to most of you but these are the sorts of encouraging words i definitely need, as a notorious stresser-outer. With that said, thank you, @karenjamesyoga …you got me through this month, and i will always remember your perspective so that i may continue to live in positive light. Thank you 🌱💓🌱

…as for my progress…i had to change my end goal at the beginning of metric week three because i had to slow way down, but i am very grateful that i was not seriously injured, as i returned to my mat after about four days…it seems pointless for me to take on any more dietary restrictions next month, as we do not actually eat “a lot” of sugar (as long as we don’t make two cakes in one five-day period, which does happen)…🍰🎂🍰

📚Books Read (follow this link to see all of the books i’ve read this year [and last]):

What We See When We Read by Peter Mendelsund

SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME by Douglas A. Blackmon

Humble Pi by Matt Parker

…for a total of 9/10 books read this month (&a 28/50 total for the year!)…i honestly can’t believe i read so many books, even tho, i set out to read ten, nine is a lot for me, and i legit feel very proud about this.

…i am still in chats with my city’s ceo about how to get refunded for a project we were working on but that is no longer what it was going to be, and so, i’d like to use that money to acquire ten books…no books yet this month, but i did manage to track down a few local bookstore owners, and i will add emailing them to my August goals…never heard back from the librarian, so i’ll also write another letter in August.

…i couldn’t workout (but i counted my yoga class with kino as a workout), but i did manage two yoga classes (one with Rachel Cargle and one with Kino MacGregor both on @omstarsofficial)…&i ate a total of five bags of chips this month (goal was to only eat three).

…we got one biz doc finished up, but didn’t quite finish the other two because the budgeting on the other ones are still in progress.

…&tv while bored sort of went out the window when the neck incapacitated me for four days, but on the days when i felt well, i managed to read and do the yoga.

CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT MONTH…i’m definitely going to set some seriously lofty goals.




it’s called “petty” report card … don’t be surprised when I write about petty shit … duh.

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