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Petty Report Card

On Meanness

When a toxic working environment can be pinpointed to two, specific people.

The thing about people who are mean is that they are miserable, hands down, every single fucking instance. Think about what one’s life must be like to be not only willing but also able to treat people, your fellow humans, the way that mean people do. Of course, this could all be a big-picture, overarching analysis about anyone who is mean, but I am, as this is a Petty Report, specifically speaking about two women who happen to be “supervisors” or “managers” (and I use parentheses here because the place of my current employment [the reasons for which need to be addressed at a wholly different time] staffs THREE managers, and every day I am reminded of that quote by Oscar Martinez from The Office [Season 6: Episode 3] when he mocks David Wallace’s decision to have co-managers, “Where would Catholicism be, without the popes.”) at my place of employment. Unfortunately, the tone of an organization is set at the top, and I no longer know whether or not to believe the words of the woman at the top. Luckily, I haven’t burned too much time there, as of yet, and so, there is still ample opportunity to figure out how to survive in a place with three managers, two of whom are (and I do not throw this word about loosely) C*NTS.

I’ll spare you all the minute details (since my mental faculties are capable of conceiving of ideas and concepts beyond the trivial) and instead, present two examples, one from each of the two. I’ll start with the less-worse. We’ll just call her, Es, the other Ev. First of all, Es has an ego the likes of which I have not experienced, ever, in person. She literally writes notes (to herself) about herself and how great she is in public spaces around the shop … all. the. time. We had a “gratitude” shit fest (I would screenshot the texts sent by Ev with regards to the threats that she made for us all to participate, which was thoroughly enjoyable, but I can only stoop so low), and Es, literally, praised herself on her own gratitude sheet. It was amazing. There’s a general overview of who Es is. So then, yesterday, I had a small issue with whether or not I should bring tea to a guest upstairs when I was supposed to be manning the register. It was slow as fuck due to the extreme cold and mild snow Colorado had experienced the day/night before. So, I weighed my options: a) Do I man the register and risk the tea not being served in a timely fashion (an offense for which I could/would be easily yelled at about) or b) Do I run the tea and run the risk of being yelled at for leaving the register unmanned. I couldn’t decide, so I opted for sticking to my station. (Obviously, this is THE issue with regards to how terrible the leadership and management is, in general.) Eventually, I figured out how to get the tea upstairs without leaving the register: I utilized my other coworker, whom I had been hoping would return from upstairs sooner rather than later. The coworker returned later, but we still worked out a plan as the coworker was actually busy with something.

After everything had been resolved, Es strolled into the behind-the-counter area where I was grabbing the tea to deliver to my coworker after working out a way to get the tea upstairs without leaving my post. Es asked what I was doing, and I told her. Then she went on a fit of rage about how it’s so slow, so why didn’t I just take the tea up myself, etc., etc., etc. AND THEN, she told me to just go home if I didn’t want to be there. AND THEN, her ego exploded in my face as I stood on the customer side of the counter as she went on for about five minutes explaining to me all of the things she could “do” there. “I know how to make all the drinks. I know how to do the register. I can run drinks and food. I am the best at everything. So, if you need me, then I can do it. You just walked right by me and asked me to do nothing, when the tea was sitting there. Etc., etc., &c.” And this happens to everyone I work with at least once a week. I am fairly lucky as it only happens to me about once every other week, but essentially, Es wakes up in her miserable life every single fucking day, and her subconscious cannot handle the happiness or friendship of anyone else, and so, her ego searches for a way to validate itself by exerting its own greatness on anyone who will listen.

But she’s my supervisor (and not my boss, which she, unfortunately, realized yesterday, when she realized that she has a boss, too), obviously, she knows how to do the job, how else could she have been “promoted” (and I use quotes here, because, again, the boss lady is either aware of how horrible they are and is in on it, or she’s completely oblivious, which would say something else entirely, and so, employment “promotions” are more like, who survived and still works here. The turnover rate is massive, and even the kitchen staff recognizes this. The whole situation is amazing, really) to be a supervisor? Why the need to outright state how much she knows, to my face? It’s really challenging to subordinate a subordinate. I’m just not sure what she was hoping to accomplish other than to develop within me, a complete lack of respect for her, in general.

Now, as far as Ev is concerned, she’s just dumb. I mean, she runs around the place concerned and worried about such trivial shit that she forgets important things like, it’s a new year, so the date stickers need to be replaced; an employee was cut from the schedule, and she doesn’t send a text notifying them; there’s no hot water for hours due to an internal malfunction within the building, and she fails to shut down the restaurant until the hot water is turned back on. As for the trivial matters, I’ll set up the situation. I was working alone with her, closing. I was literally the only other server in the restaurant, besides her. There’s a policy where, when you’re working on a ticket, you pull it down so that other people know that you’re working on it and a tray doesn’t end up with two of everything. Duh. But when I’m working alone … how does this policy apply? So, when she stumbled into the behind-the-counter area, at the end of the night, and I accidentally forgot to punch the last ticket I made, which had been thirty minutes before the incident because there were no other customers at that time, she insisted, “You MUST punch these tickets or else how will anyone know if the order went out? It’s POLICY.” The favored, empty, ignorant word of the inept leader, dictator and monarch. It took everything within me not to laugh out loud in her face. I’m glad I didn’t, obviously. But this is not the grievance about which I must write, and no, it’s not petty. It’s the opposite of petty, it’s disgusting, ignorant and outright demeaning.

As I’m sure most people know, being a line cook or prep chef at a barely-surviving restaurant in a barely-surviving 20th-century-model industry, people who work in restaurants or kitchens do not make much money. Duh. The dictatorial policy is that the kitchen can no longer use the restaurant cups in the cafe because it’s against health code to have an open vessel holding employee liquids (but they’ve been doing it for years until now), and so, the kitchen staff must now use the to-go cups. But the to-go cups cost employees $1 to have. I get that, that makes sense. You don’t want your employees burning through product. BUT the issue moves beyond this. On the day that Ev informed the kitchen staff about the “update,” nobody knew, and so, none of them had their own water bottles to use. When I brought this to her attention, she said, “It’s policy. And it’s against the law to use the cafe cups without a lid.” The cafe employees use the cups without lids even though we all know they’re supposed to have lids. And then, here’s the kicker, she, in her high-and-mighty, I’m the boss voices, laughs, “Who doesn’t have a dollar?” So, they all just went without water and tea until Ev left the floor to do “admin work” (and I use parentheses here because I do not know what she does during this “administrative” time because the schedule runs from Sunday to Saturday, and we literally receive the next week’s schedule, every week, on Saturday nights. Why do I still work there? It’s complicated.)

Again, it took everything within me to not just punch her in her fucking face. What a fucking C*NT! I couldn’t even believe the words I was hearing, and I couldn’t even believe that a person … a person in charge of the well-being of other people … could be so fucking out of touch. Who doesn’t have a dollar? A lot of fucking people do not have a dollar they can just spend on some biodegradable to-go cup at a job that pays them a pittance.

The point is mostly that I cannot stand idly by and do nothing while my coworkers are being treated so badly. I am here for exactly the expressed purpose of creating a business that does not treat its employees like shit. I’ve expressly moved here to start that business so that 20th-century places of employment can start to fucking shift into the 21st century. It’s 2020, people.

And so, I suppose that’s it for this Report, as I am finding myself growing hotter and angrier with each example that keeps popping into my mind. And I cannot help but wonder why it’s so difficult for some people to be nice to others. What does it take to be nice? I honestly want to know. Why are some capable of it, despite their circumstances, while others are completely incapable of friendship and niceness? WHY?!

Until next time.

[17Feb2020 UPDATE! I have since been “let go” because I found out that this horrible culture of treating-humans-as-less-than comes straight down from the top. That’s right, the owner (whose name I’ll refrain from mentioning here and whose text I’ll also do my best not to publish, despite wanting to so bad!) is the motherfucking C*NT at the top! It was an uncomfortable and sad realization that befell me when I sat down with the owner last Tuesday. I told her that I’d still be available to work with one of the managers (I’ll call her Step, and she also happens to be the most knowledgeable and competent of the managers despite what she thinks and despite the psychological abuse the owner instills on her {and all of them} on the daily because they all “have things to work on” rather than praising the gifts and accomplishments they possess every single day, and I wouldn’t mind continuing to know her) who is not a c*nt, but the owner clearly is uninterested in me being friendly with people I like, and I don’t blame her. My friendship is powerful. Therefore, my “schedule cannot be accommodated.”

The most amazing part is that the owner TEXTED me (that’s right there’s no HR, and she doesn’t have an assistant to do her menial work and simultaneously wonders why “business is hard,” oh but she can’t afford good help, that’s right), on Saturday night (yes, that is correct, schedules are sent out the night before the first day of the next week, which is Sunday) to tell me. Ha! Honestly, I woke up to the message this morning cause I’ve been busy … like a normal person, people schedule things with me months, weeks or days in advance, not hours. LOL.)

Look forward to some more old work stories with Es and Ev! (Not really, obviously, I couldn’t give two shits about them; they’re going nowhere, FAST!) I’ll eventually have to come out with their identities, publicly, because that’s how truly terrible they are, and I am in the business of pointing out terrible people in business…especially local business. And don’t harp on me about “women supporting women.” These women are prime examples of how women cannot support other women who are just plain old fucking c*nts due to their ineptitude and overall disdain for their own lives. They’re so fucking miserable that they want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. (They definitely need to get laid.) Not very many women are like this, this is why I am writing about it, obviously. The fact that these three exist is horrible enough. The fact that they all found each other is not surprising. The fact that they actively go about their lives trying to make others miserable (men and women alike) has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with them as individuals who suck. Men can be c*nts, too. Some people just suck (Es) or are too dumb to know how much they suck (Ev). The owner, unfortunately, also runs a very unsustainable imports warehouse … not a good genre for the future, if you ask me. Ships are built every day; most ships sink due to terrible design or a lack thereof.]



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