This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding festivities of a good friend from undergrad (DDMF!) as he married his life partner. I, and several others, bore witness to the union and celebrated together. Old friendships picked up where they left off and new friendship began where they hadn’t existed. Safe to say it was a beautiful occasion and a hell of a weekend.

My only beef with the weekend is unrelated to any of the weekend’s events and completely on me: I let myself lapse in my writing and in my daily meditation. I broke with my morning routine and didn’t fulfill my goal for myself. And even this morning, thanks to a diverted flight last night and an unplanned Delta-sponsored overnight stay in North Carolina, I got my meditation in but fell short of my goal of morning writing.

But you know what? That’s ok. It’s fine. And it’s not the end of the world. Because honestly, on any journey that we take, there will undoubtedly be disruptions. There will be mess ups, detours, misses, failures, misdirections, walls, dips, lapses and [insert your favorite word to capture unplanned occurrences]. Some will be minor and some will be major. And honestly, they might even all be major. But again, that is OK.

What matters most is not what happens to you but your response to what happens. Life is full of bumps on the road. And a journey as bold as discovering and becoming your best self is most definitely full of those bumps. After all, it’s a journey that’s yours and yours alone. No one before you has been you before. And no one before you had driven down this road to being your best you before. So why would you think the road to getting there would be a smooth ride?

As I think about how this applies to me personally and dimensions of my personal purpose, it gives me renewed calm and confidence. I’m committing myself to meditating daily and to writing at least four times per week. Hopefully some of that writing helps you in your journey as much as it helps me. At the very least, hopefully it keeps you from giving up on your journey.

And so I share these final words with you as much as I share them with myself:

The bumps and the hurdles will come. They may slow you down or even reroute you. But you must believe in your deepest soul that they cannot and will not break you or brake you. Because you alone decide that.

Onwards and upwards.

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